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CORPORATE WORSHIP is the central ministry of our congregation designed to promote a sense of joy in what God has done for us in Jesus. Our worship focuses upon the exposition of God’s Word (i.e., biblical preaching) as the primary tool to bring us and others to a knowledge of our Great God and our need to respond to Him. Prayer, the reading of the Word, congregational singing, testimonials, and the ordinances serve to draw our attention to God and give us opportunities to worship to Him.

SUNDAY SCHOOL facilitates growth in the knowledge of Christ through age-appropriate, intentional study of God’s Word.  Sunday school serves not only to educate believers but also to evangelize those who do not know Christ.

GROWTH GROUPS serve to extend the pastoral care of the body and to facilitate congregational fellowship and service.  These small groups (approximately 12-15 people) meet in convenient locations throughout the community for the purpose of mutual encouragement, prayer, discussion of the Bible, and growth in godliness.  Not infrequently, when an individual experiences a time of crisis or suffering, their growth group will rally around them to help meet needs.  We currently have three growth groups all meeting every Sunday afternoon (call for times and locations).

MUSIC MINISTRY exists to promote the worship of God by means of voices and instruments. The song leaders lead in congregational worship through singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Vocal solos, duets, and instrumental numbers are occasional worship features. Praise through music is incorporated into Children Desiring God and our youth ministry. Our congregation is blessed with talented musicians who minister through piano, guitar, and voice.

BAPTISM AND THE LORD’S SUPPER are the two ordinances Jesus gave us to show forth His death and resurrection.  Trinity practices the baptism of disciples by immersion following an individual’s commitment to Christ.  We observe the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of every month and invite all those who have put their trust in Christ and are walking obediently with Him to partake with us.

BIBLICAL COUNSELING is provided free of charge to all members and regular attenders of Trinity.  We believe God’s word contains the solutions for all the spiritual problems of life and one of our pastors would be privileged to serve you in this way.  Please call the church to make an appointment.

QUARTERLY CHURCH DINNERS are scheduled quarterly meals to allow for a time of fellowship without the pressure of having to do something else relating to ministry of the church body. This is a time when those who are otherwise involved in other aspects of ministry can relax and enjoy fellowship with others.

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP is an important part of our ministry in that we believe every Christian should be committed to a good local church where he or she can be cared for in an atmosphere that encourages spiritual growth.  If you are not a member of a Gospel-believing, Bible-preaching church, it would be our joy and privilege to serve you in this way.  If you would like to attend our church pre-membership class to help you discover if Trinity is right for you, please contact the church for more information.

SIMPLY CHRISTIANITY is a brief, five-session study through the Gospel of Luke designed to explain who Jesus is and why He is significant to your life.  This course is ideal for those unfamiliar with Christianity or those skeptical of the claims of Christ.  If such a study interests you, one of our pastors would be delighted to work through it with you at your convenience.