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If you are a teen, here is what you can expect:  We want to love God and follow Jesus Christ first by studying the Bible every Sunday morning and Sunday night together, looking for God’s answers by going through whole books of the Bible with as much discussion or questions as desired.We want to get to know one another by serving others in our church and community together and by doing fun things like playing ultimate Frisbee, baking, going to concerts and other places, etc.We know we can’t do it on our own, so we want to pray together, to know the prayer requests that we each have. Because Sunday is only one day out of the week, we want to stay in touch throughout the week.We are not trying to create the Christian version of a place we might find somewhere else. Instead, we want to create a unique group that you could find nowhere but at a church where we worship God for who He is and what He has done.

Will you give it a try?

Youth Ministry
 at Trinity Baptist Church aims at coming alongside parents to help develop maturing adult followers of Christ in a period of increasing external and internal pressure. With an atmosphere of mutual encouragement, the youth investigate Scripture and identify its application to their walk. Emphasis is placed on the heart’s response to the call of Christ, which precedes and motivates right thinking and acting. Through God’s grace, our young adults engage in discussion, service, and fun with a purpose in a safe and unique community. Praying and working together creates a bond that inspires a desire to do all things excellently for the glory of Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God through Him.

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