Unless otherwise indicated, all sermons preached by Pastor Tim Raymond  |  If the MP3 isn’t available, email the church to receive a copy.

DateSermon TitlePassageListen/Download#
March 25, 2018Christ's Concealed CoronationMatthew 21:1-11mp3 audio618
March 18, 2018The Foolishness of FaithlessnessGalatians 3:1-9mp3 audio617
March 11, 2018Jesus + Anything = NothingGalatians 2:15-21mp3 audio616
March 4, 2018Something More Vital than FriendsGalatians 2:11-16mp3 audiomp3 audio615
February 25, 2018The Gospel Passes the TestGalatians 2:1-10mp3 audio614
February 18, 2018Where Did the Gospel Come From?Galatians 1:11-24mp3 audio613
February 11, 2018False Gospels and Fake ChristiansGalatians 1:6-10mp3 audio612
February 4, 2018Paul and the Galatians, Jesus and YouGalatians 1:1-5mp3 audio611
January 28, 2018"Lord, Change My Heart"Psalms 119:33-40mp3 audio610
January 21, 2018The Duty and Joy of Family WorshipTopicalmp3 audio609
January 14, 2018Guest Speaker Paul Briggs Missionary to International Students At Purdue UnivTBAmp3 audio608
January 7, 2018The Duty and Joy of Daily Bible ReadingTopicalmp3 audio607
December 31, 2017"Jesus Shall Reign"Acts 1:6-11mp3 audio606
December 24, 2017"Joy to the World, the Lord is Come"!John 1:1-18mp3 audio605
December 17, 2017"Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus"Isiah 9:2-7mp3 audio604
December 10, 2017Wisdom on Raising ChildrenProverbsmp3 audio603
December 3, 2017Wisdom on MarriageProverbsmp3 audio602
November 26, 2017Wisdom on DatingProverbsmp3 audio601
November 19, 2017Wisdom on Sexual Self-DestructionProverbsmp3 audio600
November 12, 2017Wisdom on PoliticsProverbsmp3 audio599
November 5, 2017Wisdom on Work EthicProverbsmp3 audio598
October 29,2017Bible Translation is Worth Martyrdom: The Life of William TyndaleRomans 10:14-15mp3 audio597
October 22, 2017How Can I Make the Most of Church?Topicalmp3 audio596
October 15, 2017Why Do Christians Sing in Church?Topicalmp3 audio595
October 8, 2017What are We Doing When We Do Church?Topicalmp3 audio594
October 1, 2017What is Church?Topicalmp3 audio593
September 24, 2017Wisdom on Money Management, Part 2Proverbsmp3 audio592
September 17, 2017Wisdom on Alcohol & Substance AbuseProverbsmp3 audio591
September 10, 2017Wisdom on Money Management, Part 1Proverbsmp3 audio590
September 3, 2017Wisdom on FriendshipProverbsmp3 audio589
August 27,2017Wisdom on the Power of Words, Part 2Proverbsmp3 audio588
August 20, 2017Wisdom on the Power of WordsProverbsmp3 audio587
August 13, 2017Wisdom on the Foundation of WisdomProverbsmp3 audio586
August 6, 2017Wisdom on WisdomProverbsmp3 audio585
July 30, 2017Have You Lost Your Mind?!1 Corinthians 2:6-16mp3 audio584
July 23, 2017A Christian View of Secular PoliticsTopicalmp3 audio583
July 16, 2017Don't Follow Your HeartMark 7:14-23mp3 audio582
July 9, 2017God's Word Gives LifePsalm 119:25-32mp3 audio581
July 2, 2017Our God is Mighty to SaveHebrews 7mp3 audio580
June 25, 2017Will Those Who Are Save Be Few?Dr Phil Mummert
Luke 13:22-30
mp3 audio579
June 18, 2017Gospel Encouragement for Discouraged Dads
Fathers' Day
Topicalmp3 audio578
June 11, 2017Jesus Teaching on Prayer and Fasting, Part 4Matthew 6:5-18mp3 audio577
June 4, 2017Jesus Teaching on Prayer and Fasting, Part 3Matthew 6:5-18mp3 audio576
May 28, 2017Jesus Teaching on Prayer and Fasting, Part 2Matthew 6:5-18mp3 audio575
May 21, 2017Jesus Teaching on Prayer and Fasting, Part 1Matthew 6:5-18mp3 audio574
May 14, 2017Gospel Hope for Exhausted Moms

Mothers' Day
Topicalmp3 audio573
May 7, 2017The Darkness and the DawnIsaiah 7mp3 audio572
April 30, 2017"The Virgin Shall Conceive"Isaiah 7:10-14mp3 audio571
April 23, 2017Just a Sinner Saved by GraceIsaiah 6mp3 audio570
April 16, 2017Jesus' Resurrection is VictoryMark 16mp3 audio569
April 9, 2017Guest Speaker Paul Briggs Missionary to International Students Purdue U1 Corinthians 1mp3 audio568
April 2, 2017Reactions to the CrossMark 15:22-39mp3 audio567
March 26, 2017Biblical Reflections on Sudden TragediesPsalm 119:25-32mp3 audio566
March 19, 2017When the Anger of the Lord is Kindled Isaiah 5mp3 audio565
March 12, 2017Woe to the Wicked! Isaiah 3 & 4mp3 audio564
March 5, 2017The Necessity of Humility Isaiah 2:6-22mp3 audio563
February26, 2017When Foreigners Shall Worship the Lord Isaiah 2:1-5mp3 audio562
February 19, 2017When God Turns Against His People Isaiah 1:21-31mp3 audio561
February 12, 2017Worship God Hates Isaiah 1:10-20mp3 audio560
February 5, 2017We are Worse than we Thought Isaiah 1:2-9mp3 audio559
January 29, 2017 Why Study Isaiah? Isaiah 1:1mp3 audio558
January 22, 2017The Reason for the Local ChurchTopicalmp3 audio557
January 15, 2017The Reason for the FamilyTopicalmp3 audio556
January 8, 2017The Reason for the BibleTopicalmp3 audio555
January 1, 2017Freedom From Condemnation in 2017Romans 8:1-4mp3 audio554
December 25, 2016The First Christmas Carolers: SimeonLuke 2:22-35mp3 audio553
December 18, 2016The First Christmas Carolers: AngelsLuke 2: 8-20mp3 audio552
December 11, 2016The First Christmas Carolers: ZecheriahLuke 1:57-80mp3 audio551
December 4, 2016The First Christmas Carolers: MaryLuke 1 :39-56mp3 audio550
November 27, 2016If God is Good, Why is There So Much SufferingTopicalmp3 audio549
November 20, 2016How could a Loving God Send Decent People to Hell?Topicalmp3 audio548
November 13, 2016Africa for King Jesus The life of Mary SlessorRomans 10:13-15mp3 audio547
November 6, 2016Biblical Reflections on American PoliticsTopical mp3 audio546
October 30, 2016IS the God of the Old Testament Brutal and Harsh while Jesus is Loving and Forgiving ?Topicalmp3 audio545
October 23, 2016Why shouldn't Christians Accept that the Earth is Billions of years old?Topicalmp3 audio544
October 16, 2016How can there be only One True religion?Topicalmp3 audio543
October 9, 2016Hasn't the Bible Changed over the years?Topicalmp3 audio542
October 2, 2016Jesus's Words are Spirit and LifeJohn 6:60-71mp3 audio541
September 25, 2016Jesus's Flesh and Blood Give LifeJohn 6:52-59mp3 audio540
September 18, 2016Recording Failed
No Audio Available
mp3 audio539
September 11, 2016Praying for Bible DelightPsalm 119:17-24mp3 audio538
September 4, 2016Jesus Came Down From HeavenJohn 6:41-51mp3 audio537
August 28, 2016Jesus Will Protect His PeopleJohn 6:35-40mp3 audio536
August 21, 2016Our True Daily Bread is JesusJohn 6:22-34mp3 audio535
August 14, 2016Why Did Jesus Walk On Water?John 6:16-21mp3 audio534
August 7, 2016When Jesus Makes LunchJohn 6:1-15mp3 audio533
July 31, 2016Guest SpeakerPendingmp3 audio532
July 24, 2016What do Jesus's Works Prove? Part 2 John 5:30-47mp3 audio531
July 17, 2016What do Jesus's Works Prove? Part 1John 5:30-47mp3 audio530
July 10, 2016Jesus Will Judge AllJohn 5:19-29mp3 audio529
July 3, 2016Jesus Does What God DoesJohn 5:1-18mp3 audio528
June 26, 2016Where Can we Find Joy in an Evil World?Habakkuk 3mp3 audio527
June 19, 2016Guest SpeakerHabakkuk 3mp3 audio526
June 12 2016Will Evil People Ever be Punished?Habakkuk 2mp3 audio525
June 5, 2016Why Evil People Succeed?Habakkuk 1mp3 audio524
May 29, 2016Hiding the Word in the HeartPsalms 119:9-16mp3 audio523
May 22, 2016Guest Speakermp3 audio522
May 15, 2016Freed Slaves Do GoodTitus 3mp3 audio521
May 8, 2016A Gospel Centered CommunityTitus 2mp3 audio520
May 1, 2016Silencing Family Destroying False TeachingTitus 1-519
April 24, 2016Taking the Ten Commandments with UsExodus 20mp3 audio518
April 17, 2016You Shall Not Covet Pt 2Exodus 20mp3 audio517
April 10, 2016You Shall Not Covet Pt 1Exodus 20mp3 audio516
April 3, 2016You Shall Not Bear False WitnessExodus 20mp3 audio515
March 27, 2016Will You Follow Jesus?Selected Textsmp3 audio514
March 20, 2016And They Crucified HimMark 15:15-32mp3 audio513
March 13, 2016You Shall Not StealExodus 20mp3 audio512
March 06, 2016"O, How I Love You Law"Psalm 119:1-8mp3 audio511
February 28, 2016You Shall Not Commit Adultery, Part 2Matthew 5:27-30mp3 audio510
February 21, 2016You Shall Not Commit Adultery, Part 1Exodus 20mp3 audio509
February 14, 2016You Shall Not Murder, Part 2Matthew 5:21-26mp3 audio508
February 07, 2016You Shall Not Murder, Part 1Exodus 20mp3 audio507
January 31, 2016Honoring your Father and your Mother, Part 2Exodus 20mp3 audio506
January 24, 2016Raising Our Children for God's GloryMark 10:13-16mp3 audio505
January 17, 2016TBC Vision 2016 :
Disciple Making
Topicalmp3 audio504
January 10, 2016TBC Vision 2016 :
Family Discipleship
Topicalmp3 audio503
January 03, 2016TBC Vision 2016 :
Bible Reading
Topicalmp3 audio502
December 27, 2015The Meaning of Jesus' ReturnJohn 13:36-14:7mp3 audio501
December 20, 2015The Meaning of ChristmasGalatians 4:4-7mp3 audio500
December 13, 2015Honoring Your Father and Mother Part 1Exodus 20:1-21mp3 audio499
December 6, 2015Honoring the Lord with Your Time Pt 2Exodus 20:1-21mp3 audio498
November 29, 2015Honoring the Lord with Your Time Pt 1Exodus 20:1-21mp3 audio497
November 22, 2015The Lord's Name: Handle with Extreme CareExodus 20:1-21mp3 audio496
November 15, 2015Getting to the Heart of IdolatryExodus 20:1-21mp3 audio495
November 8, 2015Crucified with Christ: The Life of Amy CarmichaelGal 2:20mp3 audio494
November 1, 2015Hearing God is the New SeeingExodus 20:1-21mp3 audio493
October 25, 2015No Gods But the True GodExodus 20:1-21mp3 audio492
October 18, 2015Law, Grace, You and MeExodus 20:1-21mp3 audio491
October 11, 2015Imagine Life without the Ten CommandmentsExodus 20:1-21mp3 audio490
October 4, 2015Prayer Pt 2Exodus 32:7-14mp3 audio489
September 27, 2015Prayer Pt 1Matthew 6:1-15mp3 audio488
September 20, 2015Israel's Mission to the WorldExodus 19mp3 audio487
September 13, 2015The Wisdom of Plural LeadershipExodus 18mp3 audio486
September 6, 2015The Lord Hates Whining but Loves the WhinerExodus 15:22-17:16mp3 audio485
August 30, 2015Guest Speaker
Luke Humphrey
1 Peter 1:3-12mp3 audio484
August 23, 2015Guest Speaker
Dan Weller
Ephesians 2:1-10mp3 audio483
August 16, 2015Praising God's Wrath and Salvation, Pt 2Exodus 15:1-21mp3 audio482
August 9, 2015Praising God's Wrath and Salvation, Pt 1Exodus 15:1-21mp3 audio481
August 2, 2015"The Lord Will Fight For You"Exodus 13-14mp3 audio480
July 26, 2015Freedom (Almost)Exodus 12:29-51mp3 audio479
July 12, 2015Knowing God Through the PlaguesExodus 11mp3 audio477
July 5, 2015War of the GodsExodus 10mp3 audio476
June 28,2015The Execution of John the BaptistMatthew 14mp3 audio475
June 21, 2015 Father's Day What's a Dad to Be and Do? Topicalmp3 audio474
June 14, 2015"THE LORD Hardened Pharaoh's Heart"Exodus 9:13-35mp3 audio473
June 7, 2015God Glorified in Dead-Stock and Chicken-PoxExodus 9:1-12mp3 audio472
May 31, 2015When Jehovah AttacksExodus 8mp3 audio471
May 24, 2015When God Draws BloodExodus 7:14-25mp3 audio470
May 17, 2015Creation into ChaosExodus 7:8-13mp3 audio469
May 10, 2015 Mothers Day What's a Mom to Be and Do?Topicalmp3 audio468
May 3, 2015Don't Mess with Jehovah's PeopleExodus 6:1-17mp3 audio467
April 26, 2015Did Moses Just Make Things Worse?"Exodus 5:10-23mp3 audio466
April 19, 2015"Jehovah Who?"Exodus 5:1-9mp3 audio465
April 12, 2015How Jesus's Resurrection Transforms UsTopicalmp3 audio464
April 5, 2015What You Believe About Jesus Is the Most Important Thing About YouJohn 11:25mp3 audio463
March 29, 2015Family Comes First... even for MosesExodus 4:18-31mp3 audio462
March 22, 2015The Reluctant RedeemerExodus 4:1-17mp3 audio461
March 15, 2015"I AM Who I AM", Pt 1Exodus 3:11-22mp3 audio460
March 08, 2015Moses sees the LightExodus 3:1-10mp3 audio459
March 01, 2015Snow Day
Service Canceled
February 22, 2015Wasted Years?Exodus 2:11-25mp3 audio457
February 15, 2015Moses and the New BeginningExodus 2:1-10mp3 audio456
February 08, 2015The Serpant StrikesExodus 1mp3 audio455
February 01, 2015Exodus: Redeemed for God's GloryExodus 1-40mp3 audio454
January 25, 2015Every Ministry for or Supporting Bible Exposition2 Thessalonians 3-4 mp3 audio453
January 18, 2015Every Family a Disciple-Growing GreenhouseEphesians 6:1-4mp3 audio452
January 11, 2015Every Christian a Disciple-Making DiscipleEphesians 4:15mp3 audio451
January 04, 2015Every Christian a Daily Bible ReaderMatthew 4:4mp3 audio450
December 28,2014The Christmas Child is coming backi Thessalonians 4:13-18 mp3 audio449
December 21,2014The "Ordinary" Miracle of ChristmasLuke 2:1-7mp3 audio448
December 14, 2014Micah's Prophecy of Christmas BirthMicah 5:2mp3 audio447
December 7, 2014Job's Ancient Vision of ChristmasJob 9, 16,19mp3 audio446
November 30, 2014Let’s Talk about BaptismTopicalmp3 audio445
November 23, 2014Dr. Ishak Ahmed, President, Northeast
India Baptist Bible College and Seminary
Matt 10:39mp3 audio444
November 16, 2014Evangelizing Headhunters: The Life of Frank Drown
Matt 28:18-20mp3 audio443
November 9, 2014How Faith ActsJohn 4:46-54mp3 audio442
November 2, 2014Jesus’ Mission to the WorldJohn 4:27-45mp3 audio441
October 26, 2014Hidden Sin and True WorshipJohn 4:16-26mp3 audio440
October 19, 2014Drink Living WaterJohn 4:1-15mp3 audio439
October 12, 2014Trading PlacesJohn 3:22-36mp3 audio438
October 5, 2014Guest Speaker
Jeff Williams
Psalm 44mp3 audio437
Sept 28, 2014God’s One-Directional LoveJohn 3:16-21mp3 audio436
Sept 21, 2014Whoever BelievesJohn 3:9-15mp3 audio435
Sept 14, 2014You Must Be Born Again, Pt 2John 3:1-8mp3 audio434
Sept 7, 2014You Must Be Born Again, Pt 1John 3:1-8mp3 audio433
August 31, 2014Will You Follow an Angry Jesus ?John 2:13-25mp3 audio432
August 24, 2014Water, Wine, and Jesus' GloryJohn 2:1-12mp3 audio431
August 17, 2014We Have Found the Messiah !
John 1:35-51mp3 audio430
August 10, 2014Who Can Take Away the Sin of the World?John 1:19-34mp3 audio429
August 3, 2014God Became One of UsJohn 1:1-18mp3 audio428
July 27, 2014Jehovah, Our RockPsalm 18mp3 audio427
July 20, 2014Satan's Global War Against the ChurchSelected Textsmp3 audio426
July 13, 2014Deliver Me From My Enemies Psalm 17mp3 audio425
July 6, 2014How to Delight in GodPsalm 16mp3 audio424
June 29, 2014Who is Worthy of God's Presence ?Psalm 15mp3 audio423
June 22, 2014Are You a Fool?Psalm 14mp3 audio422
June 15, 2014When You Feel Forsaken By GodPsalm 13mp3 audio421
June 08, 2014Living Amoung LiarsPsalm 12mp3 audio420
June 01, 2014The Strengthening Power of SufferingJames 1mp3 audio419
May 25, 2014Guest SpeakerSelected Textmp3 audio418
May 18, 2014Dr Phil MummertGuest Speakermp3 audio417
May 11 ,2014Why We Believe the Bible Above All ElsePart Threemp3 audio416
May 04, 2014Why We Believe the Bible Above All ElsePart Twomp3 audio415
April 27, 2014Why We Believe the Bible Above All ElsePart Onemp3 audio414
April 20,2014Who is Jesus and Why Should I Care?Matthew 28mp3 audio413
April 13, 2014Our Sorrowful SaviorMatthew 26:36-46mp3 audio412
April 6, 2014Should I Stay or Should I Go?Psalm 11mp3 audio411
March 30, 2014Why Does God Ignore Evil?Psalm 10mp3 audio410
March 23, 2014The Lord vs the NationsPsalm 9mp3 audio409
March 16, 2014Our Great and Glorious GodPsalm 8mp3 audio408
March 9, 2014Praying for your EnemiesPsalm 7mp3 audio407
March 2, 2014When will the Pain End?Psalm 6mp3 audio406
February 23, 2014How to Handle SlanderPsalm 5mp3 audio405
February 16What to Pray When you Can't SleepPsalm 4mp3 audio404
February 9, 2014Psalm 4mp3 audio403
February 2, 2014In Trouble ... Yet AsleepPsalm 3mp3 audio402
January 26, 2014The Gospel According to King DaviePsalm 2mp3 audio401
January 19, 2014Why God Gave us the PsalmsPsalm 1-150mp3 audio400
January 12, 2014Daily Bible Meditation for a Better 2014 Part 2Psalm 1mp3 audio399
January 5,2014Daily Bible Meditation for a Better 2014 Part 1Psalm 1mp3 audio398
December 29, 2013Jesus Shall Return2 Thessalonians 1:6-10 -mp3 audio397
December 22, 2013Jesus Has ComeMatthew 1-mp3 audio396
December 15, 2013Jesus Shall ComeIsaiah 7:10-14-mp3 audio395
December 08, 2013Christ Suffered Once1 Peter 3:18-mp3 audio394
December 01, 2013Salvation to the UttermostHebrews 7:25-mp3 audio393
November 24, 2013The Prayer Jesus Always AnswersJohn 16:23-24-mp3 audio392
November 17, 2013The God Who SavesIsaiah 45:22mp3 audio391
November 10, 2013A Life Guided by GodProverbs 3:5-6mp3 audio390
November 03, 2013Fighting SinPsalm 119:11mp3 audio389
October 27, 2013Claiming China for Christ
The Life of Gladys Aylward
Romans 10:13-15mp3 audio388
October 20, 2013Guest SpeakerJoshua 1:9-mp3 audio387
October 13, 2013Eating to the Glory of God1 Corinthians 10:23-33mp3 audio386
October 06, 2013The Truth behind Idolatry1 Corinthians 10:14-22mp3 audio385
September 29, 2013--mp3 audio384
September 22, 2013Learn from Their Mistakes1 Corinthians 10: 1-13mp3 audio383
September 15, 2013True Evangelistic Effectiveness1 Corinthians 9: 15-27mp3 audio382
September 08, 2013Paying the Pastor1 Corinthians 9: 1-14mp3 audio381
September 01, 2013Guest SpeakerTBAmp3 audio380
August 25, 2013Guest SpeakerTBAmp3 audio379
August 18, 2013Loving those with Whom you Disagree1 Corinthians 8mp3 audio378
August 11, 2013The Gift of Singleness1 Corinthians 7:25-40mp3 audio377
August 4, 2013The Christian Contribution to Society1 Corinthians 7:17-24mp3 audio376
July 28, 2013The Sanctifying Power of Marriage1 Corinthians 7:8-16mp3 audio375
July 21, 2013The Protecting Power of Marriage1 Corinthians 7:1-7 mp3 audio374
July 14,2013Your Body is for the Lord1 Corinthians 6:12-20 mp3 audio373
July 7,2013Those you can't take to Court1 Corinthians 6:1-11mp3 audio372
June 30, 2013Such Were Some of You1Corinthians 6:8-18mp3 audio371
June 23,2013 "Lord, Where do we go from here?" Part BSelect Scripturesmp3 audio370
June 16, 2013"Lord, Where do we go from here?" Part A (MP3 starts @ 5")Select Scripturesmp3 audio369
June 09, 2013Sin in the Camp1 Corinthians 5:1-13mp3 audio368
June 02,2013Imitate your Spiritual Fathers1 Corinthians 4:14-21mp3 audio367
May 26, 2013Don't go beyond what is written1 Corinthians 4:6-13mp3 audio366
May 19, 2013Dr Phil Mummert--365
May 12, 2013Leading in Light of the Judgment1 Corinthians 4:1-5mp3 audio364
May 05,2013God's Living Temple1 Corinthians 3:16-23mp3 audio363
April 28,2013Rewards that Last1 Corinthians 3:10-15mp3 audio362
April 21, 2013How to be Immature1 Corinthians 3:1-9mp3 audio361
April 14,2013Mr Ernie Bowman
Why Do We Suffer?
2 Corinthians 1:3-11mp3 audio360
April 07,2013You Are Your Brother's KeeperObadiahmp3 audio359
March 31, 2013
Easter Sunday
Where is Jesus' Body?Matthew 28:11-15mp3 audio358
March 24, 2013
Palm Sunday
Is Jesus Your King?John 12:12-19-357
March 17, 2013The Secret Wisdom of GodI Corinthians 2:6-16mp3 audio356
March 10, 2013The Foolishness of Being a ChristianI Corinthians 1:26- 2:5mp3 audio355
March 03, 2013The Foolishness of the GospelI Corinthians 1:18-25mp3 audio354
February 24, 2013The Bickering Body of ChristI Corinthians 1:10-17mp3 audio353
February 17, 2013Who and What are Saints?I Corinthians 1:1-9mp3 audio352
February 10, 2013I Corinthians: A Church with Issues1 Corinthians 1-16mp3 audio351
February 03, 2013All is well that Ends Well ?Eccl 11:7- 12:14mp3 audio350
January 27, 2013Enjoy life, While you canEccl 9:1- 11:6mp3 audio349
January 20, 2013Did you expect life to be Fair?Eccl 8:1-17mp3 audio348
January 13, 2013Living in an Upside-Down WorldEccl 6:10- 7:29mp3 audio347
January 06, 2013Meditate on the WordJoshua 1:8mp3 audio346
December 30, 2012Messiah Shall ReturnMark 13mp3 audio345
December 23, 2012Messiah Has ComeLuke 2:22-38mp3 audio344
December 16, 2012Messiah Shall ComeIsaiah 11:1-5mp3 audio343
December 9, 2012Christmas is War of the WorldsGenesis 3:15mp3 audio342
December 2, 2012Drawing Near to GodHebrews 10:19-25mp3 audio341
November 24,2012What is your relationship with God?Hebrewsmp3 audio340
November 18, 2012Why Doesn’t Money Satisfy?Eccl 5:8-6:9mp3 audio339
November 11, 2012'Shall We Be Eaten By Cannibals or Worms?' The Life of John G. PatonMatt 28:18-20mp3 audio338
November 4, 2012How Should We Eat the Lord’s Supper?1 Cor 11:17-34mp3 audio337
October 28, 2012What Will Heaven Be Like?Rev 21:1-7mp3 audio336
October 21, 2012What is the Gospel We Preach?Gal 1-6mp3 audio335
October 14, 2012How Shall We Speak God’s Truth in Love?Selected-334
October 7, 2012How Should Christians Vote?Selectedmp3 audio333
September 30, 2012How to Worship God Like a FoolEccl. 5:1-7mp3 audio332
September 23, 2012Do Friends Really Matter?Ecc 4:7-16mp3 audio331
September 16, 2012A Cynic’s Guide to Life and DeathEccl. 3:16-4:6mp3 audio330
September 9, 2012When God’s Schedule Doesn’t Match Yours Eccl. 3:1-15mp3 audio329
September 2, 2012Education? Career? Why Bother?Eccl. 2:12-26mp3 audio328
August 26, 2012Why Doesn’t Pleasure Satisfy?Eccl. 2:1-11mp3 audio327
August 19, 2012Guest Speaker: Dr. Phil MummertSelectedmp3 audio326
August 12, 2012The Quest for SignificanceEccl. 1mp3 audio325
August 5, 2012Does Life Have Any Meaning?Ecclesiastes 1-12mp3 audio324
July 29, 2012A Biblical Vision for TBC, Part 5: The Centrality of the Local ChurchSelectedmp3 audio323
July 22, 2012A Biblical Vision for TBC, Part 4: How is the Church Structured [Section 2 - Deacons & the Congregation]Selectedmp3 audio322
July 15, 2012A Biblical Vision for TBC, Part 3: How is the Church Structured [Section 1 - Pastors]Selectedmp3 audio321
July 8, 2012A Biblical Vision for TBC, Part 2: What is the Mission of the Church?Selectedmp3 audio320
July 1, 2012A Biblical Vision for TBC, Part 1: Back to Some Biblical BasicsSelectedmp3 audio319
June 24, 2012Faith in the Face of ApostasyJudemp3 audio318
June 17, 2012The Impact of Good and Bad Leaders3 Johnmp3 audio317
June 10, 2012Meaningful Fellowship in Gospel Agreement2 Johnmp3 audio316
June 3, 2012The Gospel Frees All Sorts of SlavesPhilemonmp3 audio315
May 27, 2012Guest Preacher: Ernie BowmanLuke 15mp3 audio314
May 20, 2012Guest Preacher: Scott GaierPsalm 103mp3 audio313
May 13, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: Our ResponseExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio312
May 6, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: His InfinityExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio311
April 29, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: His GoodnessExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio310
April 22, 2012The Believers Adoption, Pt 2Dr. Phil Mummertmp3 audio309
April 15, 2012The Believer's Adoption, Pt 1Dr. Phil Mummertmp3 audio308
April 8, 2012The Empty Tomb is Our VindicationMark 16:1-8mp3 audio307
April 1, 2012The Cross is the Defeat of SatanHeb 2:14-18mp3 audio306
March 25, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: His FaithfulnessExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio305
March 18, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: His LoveExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio304
March 11, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: His WrathExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio303
March 4, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: His PatienceExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio302
February 26, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: His Mercy and GraceExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio301
February 19, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: His HolinessExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio300
February 12, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: His SovereigntyExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio299
February 5, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: TrinityExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio298
January 29, 2012Worshipping the God Who is God: He is LORDExodus 34:1-8mp3 audio297
January 22, 2012The Gospel Frees Us to be GenerousPhil 4:14-23mp3 audio296
January 15, 2012The Gospel Secret to ContentmentPhil 4:10-13mp3 audio295
January 8, 2012How the Gospel Brings Joy and PeacePhil 4:4-9mp3 audio294
January 1, 2012In the Word in 2012Col 3:16mp3 audio293
December 23, 2012The Wise Men's Perspective on Christmas Matthew 2:1-12mp3 audio292
December 18, 2012Mary's Perspective on ChristmasLuke 1:26-56mp3 audio291
December 11, 2011Heaven's Perspective on ChristmasJohn 1:1-18mp3 audio290
December 4, 2011Gospel RelationshipsPhilippians 4:2-9mp3 audio289
November 27, 2011Worldly vs. Gospel SpectaclesPhilippians 3:17-4:1mp3 audio288
November 20, 2011Set Apart for the Gospel of God: The Life of Helen RoseveareRom 10:13-15mp3 audio287
November 13, 2011Pursuing Gospel GrowthPhilippians 3:12-16mp3 audio286
November 6, 2011The Glorious Gospel ExchangePhilippians 3:4-11mp3 audio285
October 30, 2011Beware the Enemies of the GospelPhilippians 3:1-3mp3 audio284
October 23, 2011Serving at Trinity Baptist Churchselectedmp3 audio283
October 16, 2011Fellow Gospel SoldiersPhilippians 2:19-30mp3 audio282
October 9, 2011Shining the Light of the Gospel Philippians 2:12-18mp3 audio281
October 2, 2011The Heart of the GospelPhilippians 2:5-11mp3 audio280
September 25, 2011Gospel HumilityPhilippians 2:1-4mp3 audio279
September 18, 2011Living Worthy of the GospelPhilippians 1:27-30mp3 audio278
September 11, 2011Thinking Biblically About 9/11Selectedmp3 audio277
September 4, 2011Am I Really A ChristianSelectedmp3 audio276
August 28, 2011Death in Light of the GospelPhilippians 1:18-26mp3 audio275
August 21, 2011The Unstoppable GospelPhilippians 1:12-18mp3 audio274
August 14, 2011Praying for Gospel GrowthPhilippians 1:8-11mp3 audio273
August 7, 2011A Gospel Centered ChurchPhilippians 1:1-7mp3 audio272
July 31, 2011Baptism: Time to Stand Up and Be CountedSelectedmp3 audio271
July 24, 2011Backsliding: When Your Love for Christ Slowly Slips Away, Part 3Selectedmp3 audio270
July 17, 2011Backsliding: When Your Love for Christ Slowly Slips Away, Part 2Selectedmp3 audio269
July 10, 2011Backsliding: When Your Love for Christ Slowly Slips Away, Part 1Selectedmp3 audio268
July 3, 2011Did God Let Nehemiah FailNehemiah 13:4-31mp3 audio267
June 26, 2011God Made Them RejoiceNehemiah 12:27-13:3mp3 audio266
June 19, 2011Guest Speaker: Dr. Scott GaierSelectedmp3 audio265
June 12, 2011Guest Speaker: Dr. Scott GaierSelectedmp3 audio264
June 5, 2011Is a List of Names Really God's Word?Nehemiah 11:1-12:26mp3 audio263
May 29, 2011Does God Permit Redo's?Nehemiah 10mp3 audio262
May 22, 2011Confession Glorifies GodNehemiah 9mp3 audio261
May 15, 2011When God Comes to Church, Part 2Nehemiah 8:9-18mp3 audio260
May 8, 2011When God Comes to Church, Part 1Nehemiah 8:1-8mp3 audio259
May 1, 2011God's People Revive God's CityNehemiah 7mp3 audio258
April 24, 2011Raised with ChristColossians 3:1-4mp3 audio257
April 17, 2011Crucified with ChristRomans 8:1-4mp3 audio256
April 10, 2011Opposed by Men; Blessed by GodNehemiah 6mp3 audio255
April 3, 2011A God-Fearing LeaderNehemiah 5mp3 audio254
March 27, 2011Remember the Lord... and Fight! Part 2Nehemiah 4:10-23mp3 audio253
March 20, 2011Remember the Lord... and Fight! Part 1Nehemiah 4:1-9mp3 audio252
March 13, 2011God's People Rebuild God's CityNehemiah 3mp3 audio251
March 6, 2011God Works in Mysterious Ways, Part 2Nehemiah 2:9-20mp3 audio250
February 27, 2011God Works in Mysterious Ways, Part 1Nehemiah 2:1-8mp3 audio249
February 20, 2011The Audacity of Believing God's PromisesNehemiah 1mp3 audio248
February 13, 2011God's Word Reforms and RevivesNehemiahmp3 audio247
February 6, 2011Guest Speakerselectedmp3 audio246
January 30, 2011Guest SpeakerDeuteronomy 8:1-9:12mp3 audio245
January 26, 2011Marriage, Family, and the Glory of God - Q&A-mp3 audio244
January 23, 2011Marriage, Family, and the Glory of God Part 4Ephesians 5:22-6:4mp3 audio243
January 16, 2011Marriage, Family, and the Glory of God Part 3selectedmp3 audio242
January 9, 2011Marriage, Family, and the Glory of God Part 2selectedmp3 audio241
January 2, 2011Marriage, Family, and the Glory of God Part 1Genesis 2:18-25mp3 audio240
December 26, 2010Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending - Christ Shall Return1 Thessalonians 4:13-18mp3 audio239
December 19, 2010What Child is This? - Christ Has ComeLuke 2:1-20mp3 audio238
December 12, 2010O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - Christ Shall ComeMicah 5:2mp3 audio237
December 5, 2010Wisdom for RelationshipsProverbsmp3 audio236
November 28, 2010Wisdom for MarriageProverbsmp3 audio235
November 21, 2010Jesus and the Resurrection, Part 3Mark 16mp3 audio234
November 14, 2010Jesus and the Resurrection, Part 2Mark 16mp3 audio233
November 7, 2010Jesus and the Resurrection, Part 1Mark 16mp3 audio232
October 31, 2010Jesus: "Dead and Buried"Mark 15:33-47mp3 audio231
October 24, 2010Hudson Taylor: Becoming All Things to All Men to Save SomeMatthew 28:18-20mp3 audio230
October 17, 2010Jesus: "Crucified"Mark 15:16-32mp3 audio229
October 10, 2010Jesus: "Suffered Under Pontius Pilate"Mark 15:1-15mp3 audio228
October 3, 2010Jesus DeniedMark 14:66-72mp3 audio227
September 26, 2010Jesus is…the Christ?Mark 14:53- 65mp3 audio226
September 19, 2010Jesus’ Friends Abandon HimMark 14:43-52mp3 audio225
September 12, 2010Jesus Prepares for BattleMark 14:27-42mp3 audio224
September 5, 2010Guest Speaker: Dr. Scott GaierRomans 5mp3 audio223
August 29, 2010Guest Speaker: Dr. Scott GaierNumbers 15:32-36mp3 audio222
August 22, 2010What is Biblical Counseling?-mp3 audio221
August 15, 2010What is Biblical Discipleship?-mp3 audio220
August 8, 2010“Finally, My Brothers and Sisters…”1 Peter 3:8-219
August 1, 2010How Jesus Wants to Be RememberedMark 14:12-26mp3 audio218
July 25, 2010Jesus Adored; Jesus AbhorredMark 14:1-11mp3 audio217
July 18, 2010Jesus and the End of the World, Part 2Mark 13mp3 audio216
July 11, 2010Jesus and the End of the World, Part 1Mark 13mp3 audio215
July 4, 2010A Religion God Will JudgeMark 12:41-13:2mp3 audio214
June 27, 2010Jesus' Counterintuitive CalculationsMark 12:38-44mp3 audio213
June 20, 2010A Glimpse into Jesus' KingdomMark 12:28-37mp3 audio212
June 13, 2010Don't Try to Outsmart JesusMark 12:18-27mp3 audio211
June 6, 2010Jesus' View of the GovernmentMark 12:13-17mp3 audio210
May 30, 2010(Jeremiah Kinney) Godly Women Know What Is Classy and Godly Men Know What It Takes1 Peter 3:1-7mp3 audio209
May 23, 2010Jesus' Marvelous RejectionMark 12:1-12mp3 audio208
May 16, 2010Jesus and Corrupt ReligionMark 11:12-33mp3 audio207
May 9, 2010I Know That There is No God but in Israel2 Kings 5-206
May 2, 2010Jesus: Son of DavidMark 10:46-52mp3 audio205
April 25, 2010Don't Naively Follow JesusMark 10:32-45mp3 audio204
April 18, 2010(Jeremiah Kinney) For the Lord's Sake, Honor Your Boss1 Peter 2:18-25mp3 audio203
April 11, 2010Trust Jesus EntirelyMark 10:13-31mp3 audio202
April 4, 2010Resurrection and ExaltationActs 2:22-36mp3 audio201
March 28, 2010The Coronation of God's KingMatthew 21:1-11mp3 audio200
March 21, 2010Ethical Issues: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology"Genesis 1, 2; Psalm 139 "mp3 audio199
March 14, 2010Ethical Issues: Suicide and EuthanasiaGenesis 9:1-7mp3 audio198
March 7, 2010(Jeremiah Kinney) For the Lord's Sake, Honor the King1 Peter 2:13-17mp3 audio197
February 28, 2010Ethical Issues: Alcoholism and Drug AbuseProverbs 23:29-35mp3 audio196
February 21, 2010Ethical Issues: Fornication and Cohabitation1 Thessalonians 4:1-8mp3 audio195
February 14, 2010Ethical Issues: The Care of Orphans, Widows, and the PoorIsaiah 58mp3 audio194
January 31, 2010Jesus, Marriage, and DivorceMark 10:1-12mp3 audio193
January 24, 2010What it Means to Follow JesusMark 9:38-50mp3 audio192
January 17, 2010Jesus Defines True GreatnessMark 9:30-37mp3 audio191
January 10, 2010The Secret to Spiritual StabilityPsalm 1mp3 audio190
January 3, 2010(Jeremiah Kinney) The Saved are Like Their Savior: Chosen, Rejected, Believed1 Peter 2:4-12mp3 audio189
December 27, 2009Jesus Shall ReignRevelation 19:11-21mp3 audio188
December 20, 2009Joy to the World! The Lord is ComeMatthew 1mp3 audio187
December 13, 2009Come Thou Long-Expected JesusJob 19:25mp3 audio186
December 6, 2009Man's Faithlessness; Jesus' FaithMark 9:14-29mp3 audio185
November 29, 2009(Jeremiah Kinney) If Someone Died for You, Would that Be a Big Deal?1 Peter 1:13-2:3-184
November 22, 2009Seeing Jesus' GloryMark 9:1-13mp3 audio183
November 15, 2009Jesus' Cross and OursMark 8:27-38mp3 audio182
November 8, 2009Sophie Muller and the Missions MandateRomans 10:14mp3 audio181
November 1, 2009Jesus' Most Peculiar MiracleMark 8:22-26mp3 audio180
October 25, 2009Jesus Renounces the Self-RighteousMark 8:1-21mp3 audio179
October 18, 2009(Jeremiah Kinney) I Have Found Him! Can You Tell?1 Peter 1:10-16mp3 audio178
October 11, 2009So What if Jesus Makes the Deaf Hear?Mark 7:31-37mp3 audio177
October 4, 2009Jesus' Multiracial LoveMark 7:24-30mp3 audio176
September 27, 2009Jesus' Take on "Follow Your Heart"Mark 7:14-23mp3 audio175
September 20, 2009What Jesus Thinks of RitualsMark 7:1-13mp3 audio174
September 13, 2009Tell Me How Jesus Did That!Mark 6:45-56mp3 audio173
September 6, 2009Jesus' Miraculous CompassionMark 6:30-44mp3 audio172
August 30, 2009Satan Strikes Jesus' FamilyMark 6:14-29mp3 audio171
August 23, 2009Jesus' Perplexing Mission AdvancesMark 6:7-13mp3 audio170
August 16, 2009Jesus Rejected by His HometownMark 6:1-6-169
August 9, 2009Pastor Jeremiah Kinney1 Peter 1:3-9-168
August 2, 2009Jesus Does What Doctors Can'tMark 5:21-43mp3 audio167
July 26, 2009What is the Gospel?Galatians 1-6mp3 audio166
July 19, 2009What is Heaven?selectedmp3 audio165
July 12, 2009What is Hell?selectedmp3 audio164
July 5, 2009Jesus Versus a Demonic ArmyMark 5:1-20-163
June 28, 2009Jesus: Lord of CreationMark 4:35-41mp3 audio162
June 21, 2009Jesus' Followers Engage their WorldMark 4:21-34-161
June 14, 2009Why Won't Everyone Follow Jesus?Mark 4:1-20-160
June 7, 2009The Sin Jesus Will Not ForgiveMark 3:20-35-159
May 31, 2009Guest Speaker: Scott Gaierselected-158
May 24, 2009Pastor Jeremiah Kinneyselected-157
May 17, 2009Jesus: A Demonic Cult Leader?Mark 3:7-20-156
May 10, 2009Jesus: Lord of TimeMark 2:23-3:6-155
May 3, 2009Jesus: Shall We Rejoice or Mourn?Mark 2:18-22-154
April 26, 2009Pastor Jeremiah Kinney: Christians Must Talk About Their Rescuerselectedmp3 audio153
April 19, 2009Jesus: On Mission from GodMark 2:13-17-152
April 12, 2009The Resurrection: What's the Point?selected-151
April 5, 2009The Suffering SaviorMatt 26:36-46-150
March 29, 2009Jesus' Power to Forgive SinMark 2:1-12-149
March 22, 2009Jesus: Disease Obeys HimMark 1:40-45-148
March 15, 2009Jesus: Sickness Obeys HimMark 1:29-39-147
March 8, 2009Jesus: The Demons Obey HimMark 1:21-28-146
March 1, 2009Using Our Gifts, Part 3selectedmp3 audio145
February 22, 2009Using Our Gifts, Part 2selectedmp3 audio144
February 15, 2009Using Our Gifts, Part 1selectedmp3 audio143
February 8, 2009Guest Speaker: Jeremiah Kinneyselected-142
February 1, 2009Jesus: The King and His KingdomMark 1:14-20-141
January 25, 2009Jesus: Between God and the DevilMark 1:9-13-140
January 18, 2009Jesus: The Stage is SetMark 1:1-8-139
January 11, 2009Who is Jesus? Mark OverviewMark 1-16-138
January 4, 2009Heaven's Perspective on Pain"James 1:1-4, 12 "-137
December 28, 2008I Will Come Again - Christ Shall ReturnJohn 14:1-7mp3 audio136
December 21, 2008God Sent Forth His Son - Christ Has ComeGalatians 4:4-7mp3 audio135
December 14, 2008The Virgin Shall Conceive - Christ Shall ComeIsaiah 7:14mp3 audio134
December 7, 2008Should I Not Pity that Great City?Jonah 4:1-11mp3 audio133
November 30, 2008Guest Speaker: Scott Gaierselectedmp3 audio132
November 23, 2008The Most Unlikely ConvertsJonah 3:3-10mp3 audio131
November 16, 2008Our God of Second ChancesJonah 3:1-5mp3 audio130
November 9, 2008The Power of a Consecrated Life: Global Missions Emphasis SundayMatt 28:18-20mp3 audio129
November 2, 2008Praise from the Strangest PlaceJonah 1:17-2:10mp3 audio128
October 26, 2008Water, Worry, and WorshipJonah 1:4-16mp3 audio127
October 19, 2008Trying to Run from GodJonah 1:1-3mp3 audio126
October 12, 2008Thinking Biblically about American Politicsselectedmp3 audio125
October 5, 20081 Timothy: Rewind1 Tim 1-6mp3 audio124
September 28, 2008True Treasures1 Tim 6:17-21-123
September 21, 2008The Life of a Man of God1 Tim 6:11-16mp3 audio122
September 14, 2008How to Be Content1 Tim 6:3-10mp3 audio121
September 7, 2008Being an Evangelistic Employee1 Tim 6:1-2mp3 audio120
August 31, 2008Caring for Shepherds1 Tim 5:17-25mp3 audio119
August 24, 2008Healthy Churches Help Windows1 Tim 5:3-16mp3 audio118
August 17, 2008Life in Our Father's House1 Tim 5:1-2mp3 audio117
August 10, 2008Guest Speaker: Jeremiah Kinneyselectedmp3 audio116
August 3, 2008Guest Speaker: Jeremiah KinneyMark 5:21-43mp3 audio115
July 27, 2008Guest Speaker: Jerry Bengeselected-114
July 20, 2008A Healthy Church's Priorities, Pt 21 Tim 4:11-16mp3 audio113
July 13, 2008A Healthy Church's Priorities, Pt 11 Tim 4:6-11-112
July 6, 2008Just Wait; It'll Get Worse1 Tim 4:1-5-111
June 29, 2008The Heart of a Healthy Church1 Tim 3:14-16-110
June 22, 2008Qualified Church Servants, Pt. 21 Tim 3:8-13mp3 audio109
June 15, 2008Qualified Church Servants, Pt. 11 Tim 3:8-13mp3 audio108
June 8, 2008Qualified Church Leaders, Pt. 21 Tim 3:1-7mp3 audio107
June 1, 2008Qualified Church Leaders, Pt. 11 Tim 3:1-7mp3 audio106
May 25, 2008God's Design for Godly Women1 Tim 2:8-15mp3 audio105
May 18, 2008How a Healthy Church Prays1 Tim 2:1-8-104
May 11, 2008Hope... Even for Holy People1 Tim 1:12-17-103
May 4, 2008Disarming Weapons of Eternal Destruction1 Tim 1-102
April 27, 2008What's a Healthy Church?1 Tim 1-6-101
April 20, 2008Guest Speaker: Phil Coppolaselected-100
April 13, 2008You Can Trust the Bible: Part 2selectedmp3 audio99
April 6, 2008You Can Trust the Bible: Part 1selectedmp3 audio98
March 30, 2008Genesis: RewindGen 1-50-97
March 23, 2008The Resurrection of the Son of Godselected-96
March 16, 2008For Us and Our Salvationselected-95
March 9, 2008The Lord Reigns over EvilGen 50-94
March 2, 2008How a Man of God DiesGen 48-49-93
February 24, 2008When it's God's Will to RelocateGen 46-47-92
February 17, 2008Guilt, Grace, and GratitudeGen 43-45-91
February 10, 2008That Pesky ConscienceGen 42-90
February 3, 2008The Lord Reigns over FamineGen 41mp3 audio89
January 27, 2008Faithfulness in the JailhouseGen 40-88
January 20, 2008When Poison is AppealingGen 39-87
January 13, 2008Family Ties and Family LiesGen 37-38-86
January 6, 2008Going Back, Growing Old, Moving OnGen 35-36-85
December 30, 2007When the Lord Jesus is Revealed2 Thess 1:6-10-84
December 23, 2007He Who Has Been Born KingMatt 2:1-12-83
December 16, 2007The Virgin Shall Call His Name ImmanuelIsaiah 7:14-82
December 9, 2007Strength through WeaknessGen 32:22-32-81
December 2, 2007When it is Foolish to FearGen 32:1-21-80
November 25, 2007Vengeance is the Lord'sGen 30:25-31:55-79
November 18, 2007The Lord Reigns over ConceptionGen 29:31-30:24-78
November 11, 2007The Glory of Christ and the Global ChurchRev 5:6-14-77
November 4, 2007Guest Speaker: Dr. Ishak Ahmed, President, Northeast India Baptist Bible College and Seminaryselected-76
October 28, 2007What is Worship? Pt 3selectedmp3 audio75
October 21, 2007What is Worship? Pt 2selectedmp3 audio74
October 14, 2007What is Worship? Pt 1selectedmp3 audio73
September 30, 2007Guest speaker: Scott Gaierselected-72
September 23, 2007The Lord Reigns over ConceptionGen 29:31-30:24-71
September 16, 2007A Deceiver is DeceivedGen 29:1-30-70
September 9, 2007God-Fearing WorshipGen 28:10-22-69
September 2, 2007The Lord Reigns over DeceptionGen 27:1-28:9-68
August 26, 2007Like Father, Like SonGen 26-67
August 19, 2007The Lord Reigns over ManipulationGen 25:19-34-66
August 12, 2007When God Writes Your EpitaphGen 25:1-18-65
August 5, 2007A Marriage Made in HeavenGen 24-64
July 29, 2007The Lord Reigns over DeathGen 23-63
July 22, 2007Faith Tested and Salvation ProvidedGen 22-62
July 15, 2007God Fulfills His Word in His TimeGen 21-61
July 8, 2007The Lord Protects His OwnGen 20-60
July 1, 2007A Fool and His City Are Soon PartedGen 19-59
June 24, 2007One Man's Friendship with GodGen 18-58
June 17, 2007Believing Against All OddsGen 17-57
June 10, 2007Wrong Solutions are No SolutionsGen 16-56
May 27, 2007God Helps Those Who Wait on HimGen 14-54
May 20, 2007When Having Less is Having MoreGen 13-53
May 13, 2007Guest speakerselected-52
May 6, 2007Guest speakerselected-51
April 29, 2007What is the Lord's Supper?1 Cor 11:17-50
April 22, 2007What is Baptism?Matt 28:19-20-49
April 15, 2007What is the Gospel?Gal 1:3-9-48
April 8, 2007Celebrate the True Joy of EasterMark 16-47
April 1, 2007Our Mission to MuncieActs 1:6-8-46
March 25, 2007An Unexpected BeginningGenesis 11:27-12:20-45
March 18, 2007God Opposes Proud GoalsGenesis 11:1-9-44
March 11, 2007What God Does to SinnersGenesis 6-9-43
March 4, 2007Those Genealogies...and Jesus?"Genesis 5, 9-11 "-42
February 25, 2007Cain, Abel, and UsGenesis 4:1-26-41
February 18, 2007Cursed by GodGenesis 3:1-24-40
February 11, 2007Lies, Sin and ConsequencesGenesis 3:1-13-39
February 4, 2007God's Intent for MarriageGenesis 2:18-25-38
January 28, 2007Work and Rest in PracticeGenesis 2:2-17-37
January 21, 2007How People are Like GodGenesis 1:26-28-36
January 14, 2007In the Beginning...Genesis 1:1-2:3-35
January 7, 2007How it All BeganGenesis 1-50-34
December 31, 2006The King Shall ReturnActs 1:6-11-33
December 24, 2006The King Has ComeLuke 2:1-40-32
December 17, 2006The King Shall ComeIsaiah 9:2-7-31
December 10, 2006What Marriage Ought to Be, Part 2The Song of Solomon-30
December 3, 2006What Marriage Ought to Be, Part 1The Song of Solomon-29
November 26, 2006How Great is Your God?Psalm 8-28
November 19, 20067 Characteristics of a Christ-Honoring Church: PassionRev 3:14-22-27
November 12, 20067 Characteristics of a Christ-Honoring Church: CourageRev 3:7-13-26
November 5, 20067 Characteristics of a Christ-Honoring Church: LifeRev 3:1-6-25
October 29, 20067 Characteristics of a Christ-Honoring Church: HolinessRev 2:18-29-24
October 22, 20067 Characteristics of a Christ-Honoring Church: TruthRev 2:12-17-23
October 15, 20067 Characteristics of a Christ-Honoring Church: SufferingRev 2:8-11-22
October 8, 20067 Characteristics of a Christ-Honoring Church: LoveRev 2:1-7-21
September 24, 2006The Danger of Self-DeceptionMatt 7:21-23-20
September 17, 2006Am I for Real?Matt 7:15-20-19
September 10, 2006The Ways to Hell and HeavenMatt 7:13-14-18
September 3, 2006Receiving the BestMatt 7:7-12-17
August 27, 2006How to Judge OthersMatt 7:1-6-16
August 20, 2006How Not to Worry, Part 2Matt 6:25-34-15
August 13, 2006How Not to Worry, Part 1Matt 6:25-34-14
August 6, 2006God or MoneyMatt 6:19-24-13
July 30, 2006Unseen ObedienceMatt 6:16-18-12
July 23, 2006How to Pray, Part 3Matt 6:9-15-11
July 16, 2006How to Pray, Part 2Matt 6:9-15-10
July 9, 2006How to Pray, Part 1Matt 6:5-8-9
July 2, 2006Why Are You "Righteous"?Matt 6:1-4-8
June 25, 2006What Jesus Thinks of HatredMatt 5:43-48-7
June 18, 2006What Jesus Thinks of RetaliationMatt 5:38-42-6
June 11, 2006What Jesus Thinks of IntegrityMatt 5:33-37-5
June 4, 2006What Jesus Thinks of DivorceMatt 5:31-32-4
May 28, 2006What Jesus Thinks of LustMatt 5:27-30-3
May 21, 2006What Jesus Thinks of AngerMatt 5:21-26-2
May 14, 2006Fulfilling God's LawMatt 5:17-20-1